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 Don’t Go Alone

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PostSubject: Don’t Go Alone   Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:05 am

I have always been somewhat the adventurous type. I love exploring abandoned places and trying to put the history of the place back together again. The town I live in has a lot of these abandoned houses in the more rural parts. Not your typical crack house type of abandoned houses either, most of them still have the people's belongings in them that once lived there. I assume it is just people that have passed and the families never did anything with them, whatever.

One night I wondering through a part of town I hadn't been in before I stumbled upon this Victorian looking house in the middle of the woods. You could tell just from looking at it that no one had been here in years. A few windows were broken and the land looked like it was starting to take the house back. Of course I decided I couldn't pass this up as I had never been here before and I started making my way to the front door. The door was still fully intact ,but the paint was chipping off the the door showing the original mahogany color. I brushed off the cob webs blocking the way and peered through the windows. No lights were on and like many of the houses before there was still a decent amount of belongings left inside. I tried the door and to my surprise it wasn't locked, but there was something pressed up against the back of the door making it difficult to open. I pushed and pushed and finally got the damn thing to swing open knocking over a ladder that had been blocking the door from behind. As I turned on the flashlight on my phone I could start to see my surroundings. This house was like a fucking time warp. There were wrapped newspapers dating back to the 40's on the counter, what was left of the furniture was something you would see in a vintage resale store, and the flooring had to be the original as I hadn't seen anything like the wooden patterns that had been laid out in the flooring before. This was definitely a good find and I just had to figure out the history of this place.

I start making my way through the first floor and for the most part the rooms are empty with random cleaning supplies strewn about. Nothing to interesting really. I made my way up to the 2nd floor and once again there wasn't much that really gave to much away about the place or who lived here. As I was making my way to the last room on the 2nd floor I notice that the last door I hadn't been through yet was painted differently. It was painted solid black and the paint seemed new. There were no chips in it or any signs of again like what showed through the rest of the house. I try the door and it's locked. Now I should have left it at that and just walked away, but curiosity got the best of me and I had to know what was on the other side. I started kicking the door trying to break it in. After about 10-15 tries the damn thing finally swung open with a loud crack. What I saw next I will never forget.

The room was covered in blood. The shit was splattered everywhere. There were crude drawings all over the wall that looked like some kind of foreign language I had never seen before. The windows were blacked out and there was no furniture at all. Laying in the center of the room was a ouiji board. Now I am not an extremely superstitious person and I did not believe in shit like that. I mean for christs sake you can buy them in the kids department of target, how could they be dangerous. I went up to inspect it and as soon as I laid a finger on the pointer, the door slammed shut behind me. As soon as that happened I fucking booked it the hell out of there, made it back to my car. As soon as I got in I checked my rear view mirror out of instinct and there was this shadowy mass standing right behind my car. I turned the key in the ignition and it would not start. At this point I know I'm in deep shit. I try again checking to see if the shadow had moved and it was gone. My car started up and I peeled out of there.

By the time I made it back to my house I was extremely shaken up. I didn't know what the fuck had just happened, all I know is I'm glad that I am not there anymore. I threw my shit out he couch and went in to take a shower and try to relieve some of the stress. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched, and I never got that before in my house. I got out of the shower and went into my room. As I flicked on the lights the ouiji board from house was laying on my bed. I instantly start freaking the fuck out and flip on all the lights in my house looking to see who could have put it there and who was following me. I couldn't find anything or anyone. I went back into the room and grabbed the board off my bed and took it to the dumpster out back. That board just creeped the hell out of me. I got back inside and had a hard time falling asleep that night, but after a few shots of vodka I finally managed to pass out.

I woke up and everything was black. It was complete darkness everywhere and my hands felt wet. I stumbled around to try and find my light switch tripping over my backpack on the way to the lights. When I turned them on I got sick to my stomach. My hands were covered in blood and the drawings from the house were all over my walls the windows painted black and that foreign languages transcribed everywhere. There was one of my kitchen knives laying on the floor covered in my blood. I start examining myself and see that my hands were sliced straight down the middle of my palms. I had absolutely no recollection of any of this. How the hell could I have possible done this. I needed to find someone who knew more about this paranormal shit than me.

I cleaned up my cuts and started looking online. I found a paranormal team that is supposed to be coming over tonight to see if they can find out any information. This whole thing is fucking crazy and I don't even know what to believe anymore. I am just hoping that they can make this shit stop. I am honestly scared for my life. I will post an update after they get here and let you know if they find out anything. Be safe.

Sorry it took so long to update you guys. I have been in a bit of a panic and am still trying to rationalize what all has transpired. Everything is such a blur and I still can't believe where the hell I am and what I might have done.

I'll start back when the paranormal team arrived.

6:43 P.M.

I hear a knock on my door and rush down to see three men and one female all around their mid 30's standing outside with a few cases of equipment next to them. I answered the door to let them in and let them get things set up. John was the head honcho of the crew and started explaining what they were going to be doing and what I should be expecting, as well as gaining some information from me about the experience. As I was explaining to him what had happened, an extremely loud BANG came from my room. Everyone stopped and ran to the room to see what the hell it was. We got to the door and it wouldn't budge. John pulled out an audio recorder and started speaking.

"EVP session 1. My name is John, is there anyone here with us..."


"You can show yourself to me, I am here to talk to you."


Something was on the other side of the door.

"Is that you doing that? If so can you knock again?"

BANG BANG! Once again came from the door.

"What is your name?"


All of the sudden the door burst open knocking myself and John backwards against the wall sending the pictures flying off the wall and shattering on the ground. There was this extremely high pitched screech that tuned every other sound out. The girl from the group, I believe her name was Sam, rips a bundle of sage out of her bag and lights it.

This huge black fog started swarming through the air and circling around each person. Sam starts walking with the sage and cornering the fog off into the bedroom. As soon as she gets it near the window, it disappeared.

"Holy fucking shit! I have never seen anything like that!" Exclaimed John pulling himself up off the ground.

"Whatever this entity is, it's strong as hell"

He pulls the audio recording up and rewinds it to play it back and see if they got anything.

"Everyone be quite" exclaimed Joh as he pressed play.

"What is your name?"



If could be heard as clear as day on the recording.

"How the fuck how did I not here that" I asked John

Before he had a chance to answer I was ripped backwards and sent flying down the hall. I saw a face right in front of me with eyes that were pitch black and needle like teeth hanging out of its mouth. It had the most sinister smile as it reached straight into my chest.

That was when I blacked out.

4:15 A.M.

I come back to consciousness with the same wet sensation covering my arms, but there was no pain this time. I try to look around and focus my vision but everything is dark. The only light I see is a dim light shining through the crack at the bottom of my door. I stumble getting up and slowly make my way to the light. The door creaks open right before I get to it and I instantly got sick.

Inside the room fresh blood sprayed everywhere. I could clearly see my arms at this point and realize what I already knew, the blood was all over me as well, but this time it was different. It wasn't mine.

Placed in the middle of the room was what was left of John. His body bent and snapped in unnatural ways. He was broken completely backwards with slits straight down each arm and across the throat. The audio recorder was hanging out of where one of his eyes used to be.

In one corner of the room was Sam lying limp in the against the blood soaked wall. Her skin was charred and blackened and there was evidence of a fire as the walls were blackened around her. She had clearly been burnt.

The other two from the team, who's names I honestly can't remember for the fucking life of me, were positioned in the shape of a star lying naked with intestines pooling out on the floor.

I felt a hot breathe on the back of my neck and froze in my place. A hand encased in the black fog gripped my should. The nails were long and jagged and slowly scratched from my should straight across my back, tearing my shirt and causing blood to start gushing.

"You're mine now" it whispered in my ear followed by the most demonic laugh, if you can even call it that. Next thing I know the hand is gone and the room instantly felt lighter.

I did the only thing I could think of at this point.

I left.

Currently I am sitting at a travel center somewhere in Pennsylvania using the wifi to write this. I can't decide if I need to call the cops because what the fuck would I tell them. "Yeah a fucking demon just slaughtered 4 people in my house." Like that won't get me locked in the loon bin pleading insanity. I'm to terrified to go back there or even be anywhere by myself. At least this place is staffed, but how much protection can that really buy me. I've been doing some research and think I may have found a way to end this. I'll have to go back, that much is inevitable. But the road that's ahead of me is definitely a dark one.

This has to end.

I will update you again when I can. I'm going to gather some supplies and try and regain a little bit of sanity before I head back.

Stay safe.
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Don’t Go Alone
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